Hops Harvest

We´ve started picking hops on 18th August and we estimated we would finish on 7th September. The first week was very hard for us as the temperatures were extremely high. There was some rain yesterday and the temperatures have decreased finally. Everyone´s excited to get this done!

We are celebrating 25th Company Anniversary

It’s hard to believe but Rakochmel was found  a quarter of century ago! This is definitely a good reason to celebrate. And so we did. We celebrated for two days after all. Everyone had great fun and we can’t wait to celebrate next 25 years. We also take this opportunity to say Thanks to all people in Rakochmel who have been doing great job for all these years. You might find more photos on our facebook https://www.facebook.com/Rakochmel/


Hops Harvest 2017

Despite the bad weather conditions this year the Hops harvest was a great success. In 2017 we produced 188t of dry Hops, the average yield was 1.42 t/ha. Also the volume of alpha acids in the Hops was as high as 3.7%. What does this all mean? We can look forward to some tasty beers from the brewers we supply in the very near future.

The Central Bohemia Governor’s Award

On 7th October 2017 Rakochmel Ltd was honoured to receive the Central Bohemian Governor’s Award. This confirms not only our great performance as one of the biggest hops farmers in the Czech Republic but also our long-term engagement and promotion of Czech hops and its traditional culture.


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