RAKOCHMEL Ltd is an agricultural company which manages an area of ​​945ha in Central Bohemia of the Czech Republic. Our company was found in 1993 and celebrated its 25th anniversary in February 2018.

We originally started as plant and animal farm but since 2002 we focus on plant cultivation only, mainly growing hops. With 150ha of hops fields RAKOCHMEL is one of the leading hops growers in the Czech Republic. We specialize in growing SAAZ hops which has very long and strong tradition in this area.

Our growing methods are based on the long-standing experience and tradition of Czech hop producers in combination with our own innovations. After many years of research and experiments we have successfully developed progressive cultivation and harvesting techniques. Recently we did major investment into hops constructions. These factors resulted in achieving greater hops quality and higher yield.

We proudly promote Czech hops industry and its traditions by supporting and joining various projects.  Recently we have largely contributed to the reconstruction of a historic hop-drying kiln and hop field in the village of Kolesovice. We organise an annual harvest festival in which the public can see the traditional ways of how our forefathers used to pick and process the hops.

RAKOCHMEL achieves stable results not only in hops production but also in other crops cultivation. We grow cereals and legumes for seed companies. Furthermore our activities include cultivation of poppy, rapeseed, wheat and barley for malting purposes.

RAKOCHMEL is a stable and long-term employer in its area.